V1 In Search of the Unknown Session 1

Threshold, the Caves of Quesqueton

The story begins with Phaenna arrested by Magog and placed in a barrel in the drunk tank in Threshold’s jail, watched over by Eridne. Nuriyah bails her out, and they set about their mission – retrieving a two-hundred-year-old bottle of sunbeam feywine from the Caves of Quesquaton, to deliver as a gift from the chief of the Giantish enclave to the Commander of Rattail Keep.

Phaenna and Nuriyah hired Eridne as a scout, and, after interviewing candidates, Badger as a healer. They then set off for the two-day trip from Threshold to the Caves, followed by Tyreshia. Eridne caught sight of Tyreshia and confronted her, but her confrontation was interrupted by a Charm Person spell and an attack on the camp by a giant centipede.

After dispatching the centipede, the party continued to the Caves. There, they found a pair of secret doors and proceeded through the one to the east, finding the home of Roghan the Fighter. A mysterious bedroom beyond an encounter with giant wolf-spiders (whose attack finally revealed the presence of Tyreshia to the others) yielded a golden comb and a full-length mirror. Badger caught Tyreshia hiding an amulet her mother desired after a fight with a goblin. In Roghan’s bedroom the group found heavy tapestries depicting the warrior’s exploits, and in his trophy room huge tusks and a wyvern skin. In a lounge, they found the feywine they sought; after retrieving the feywine, they faced goblins in the dining room.

After clearing the dining room, the party left the dungeon for a long rest and to stow their treasure.

Session Start Date: 1 Spring 1 5:10
Session End Date: 1 Spring 4 5:10



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