V1 In Search of the Unknown Session 2

Never Again, Tom Moldvay. Never Again.

The party continued their exploration of the Caves of Quesqueton. They finished exploring the Gnashroot goblins’ territory, then moved on to troglodyte territory.

Troglodyte territory was twisted and dark, home of horrors like the grick and the violet fungus. They found temples and shrines to Laogzed, but also the library of Zelliger, Roghan, and Melissa. Within the library, they retrieved books and a key for Zelliger’s cipher.

Tyre got a book of lore written in Zelliger’s cipher, and the party as a whole retrieved a great deal of treasure, much of which they will have to sell at Rattail Keep. Badger returned to Threshold to find Halzad gone.

Session Start Date: 1 Spring 4 5:10
Session End Date: 1 Spring 6 5:10
Downtime Ending: 1 Spring 8 5:10

Downtime Use

Eridne: Crafting (4 doses antivemon) 2/10 Dose 1
Badger: Practice a Profession (Wealthy)
Nuriyah: Practice a Profession (Comfortable)
Phaennah: Living Comfortable Lifestyle (Cost: 4 GP)
Tyreshia: Training (Thieves’ Tools) 2/250
Dietrich and Lanna: Crafting (Plate Armor) 2/200



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