Dridthau the Reaper

Orcish Commander of the Gullavian Forces


After the Battle of the Eye, a few thousand Orcs made their way inland. Most were killed in the aftermath of the battle, hunted by Thyatian and Diamond Throne soldiers or slain by adventurers, but some few survived, as bandits, raiders, and mercenaries.

Then there was the Reaper. An officer of the Horde, Dridthau found his way into the Valley of Fire. He killed many, bellowing each time that he was tired of facing the weak, that he sought a chief to match Balagog.

Then he reached Gullavia. It is said that he challenged D’hmir Gull herself to battle, but no one is entirely certain what happened that day. What is known is that, when it was done, the Viscountess’s hobgoblin guard commander was dead and the Reaper led her forces.

Dridthau rides the same steed used by his fallen predecessor, the great warg Griel.

Dridthau was killed by Magog in the Battle of Threshold in 5:10, and it was revealed that Griel was the true commander of the Gulluvian forces.

Dridthau the Reaper

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