Etienne d'Ambreville

By no means an Immortal


Human Evoker, Noble Background. Possibly the most powerful mage on Mystara, rumored to be the immortal Rad.


Etienne d’Ambreville was born during one of the Alphatian occupations of Glantri, during which the Alphatians banned the practice of arcane magic by their conquered peoples. A talented evoker, he was forced to hide his gift even as he nurtured it, and that combined with mistreatment at the hands of his father led to him being a deeply traumatized young man.

After the Alphatian occupation was cast off, in no small part due to the efforts of the forces of Nouvelle Averoigne, Etienne was able to display his powers to the world. He became Prince-Magician as a young man, and held that position for nearly a hundred years before being poisoned by his brother Henri and his wife Catherine d’Ambreville. On his death, he cursed his family, banishing them to a dimension of amber and torment.

Etienne managed to return to life, but was not the same man he was before his death. Quiet, withdrawn, and at least a little insane, his popularity among nobles and serfs alike dwindled. Then, one day, he simply vanished.

Etienne returned with the help of the Heroes of the Eye, and was healed of much of his trauma in the process. He returned to his position as Prince-Magician and reconciled with his family.

In 5:2, Etienne announced his retirement and left Glantri City with his second wife, Magdelene. No reputable sightings of him have been reported since.

Etienne d'Ambreville

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