Liva Clausen

Vestlandish Druid


When Liva Clausen was five, fleeing to a favorite hiding place in the woods during another of her grandmother’s rants about her “cursed” elvish blood, she fell asleep crying. In her dream, she was visited by crimson raven with eyes of flame, which sat by her and warmed her until she felt safe again.

When she was twelve, hungry after fleeing her grandmother’s home for the last time, the raven came to her again in a dream, leading her to food. She began to develop the talents of a druid, learning spells as she traveled and the ancient language of the druids from the raven.

When she was fourteen, the raven demanded that she come to its home. Without directions other than to sneak onto the next wagon, she did as it said. The wagon-master found her quickly but allowed her to ride along as far as the outskirts of the Grand Duchy, where she knew in her gut was her destination.

When she was fifteen, she reached Threshold. She has lived on its outskirts since, quietly watching the townspeople and helping when she could.

Liva Clausen

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