Magdelene d'Ambreville

Etienne's second wife, Tamer of Dragons


Epic Illusionist, Human, Noble Background


Magdelene was the daughter of a noble family with close ties to the d’Ambreville family, and was a childhood friend (and teenage lover) to Etienne d’Ambreville. The two were engaged before Etienne, desperate to keep Magdelene safe from the Alphatians, broke off their relationship. Magdelene left Nouvelle Averoigne but kept contact over the next few centuries with the family, and returned when she received word of Isidore and Richard‘s strange behavior, using a simulacrum of herself to engage the family socially while she went in disguise as Ariette the maid. She was able to help the Heroes of the Eye defeat Henri d’Ambreville.

She has married Etienne in the time since, and vanished along with him on his retirement.

Magdelene d'Ambreville

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