Magog Gwynnyth, the Orcbane

Retired ranger of Blackmoor


“You’re as much an orc as I am an elf,” Arianne mused. “Why do they call you Orcbane? Why did you spend your life hunting them?”

“Because I’m as much an orc as you are an elf, child, and I know what my blood says to do to you.” Magog gazed off, into the distance. “I know I can’t let them near you.”


Few in Threshold know much of the life of Magog Gwynnyth, save that he was born in Blackmoor and spent a lifetime in the Wilds fighting the orcs. He came to Threshold nearly twenty years ago to retire, a bad leg and a lifetime of small wounds having finally drawn him away from the battlefield. He spends most of his time teaching the young adults of the town the basics of combat, being the nearest thing Threshold has to a constable, and performing minor repairs. He is the wealthiest person in town – perhaps in Mordavia – but he rarely shows or spends his gold, and enjoys the quiet work he does.

In the time since his arrival, he has taken up arms twice. The first was when word reached Karameikos of the Orcish horde at the Eye ten years ago. Magog immediately left Threshold, going south, and returned with a few soldiers and a new wound to his side that has left him stiff after any period of rest; the second was the attack the town suffered in 5:2, where he defended the shrine against the strange lizardmen.

In 5:10, Magog again took up arms to defend Threshold from an attack by Griel and the forces of Gulluvia. He was wounded in the battle, and passed on his armor to his apprentice.

Magog Gwynnyth, the Orcbane

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