Monique d'Ambreville

The Prince-Magician


Glantrian Human Transmuter, Noble background. Level 20, knows multiple unique spells.


The Prince-Magician of Glantri, leader of one of the most powerful nations in the Known World, Monique d’Ambreville is the daughter of Isidore and Richard d’Ambreville, the Lady and Lord-Consort of Nouvelle Averoigne, and was the apprentice of Etienne d’Ambreville, the now-missing longest-reigning Prince-Magician in the history of Glantri.

As Prince-Magician, Monique is officially considered the most powerful mage in Glantri, and is the nation’s head of government.

Monique is often viewed as an antisocial young woman, slow to make friends. Among the few that she keeps are Ghaliyah, one of the Heroes of the Eye, and Petit-Singe, the family spymaster.

Monique was murdered by Henri d’Ambreville during the Castle Amber incident, then resurrected by Etienne.

Monique d'Ambreville

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