The gods of Mystara are primal beings that predate nearly all life on the planet. They are the oldest beings on Mystara. There are two primary groups of gods – the Eight and the Creators.

The Nine are the source of the idea of alignment – one god for each alignment, each with his or her own sphere of influence. The creators, on the other hand, are those that crafted the races of Mystara – dragon, elf, dwarf, goblin, gnome, halfling, and orc.

The Eight

  • Lawful Good: Pholtus, God of Justice
  • Neutral Good: Ehlonna, Goddess of the Forests
  • Chaotic Good: Lir, Goddess of Art
  • Lawful Neutral: Auril, Goddess of the Sky
  • True Neutral: Raven Queen, Goddess of Death
  • Chaotic Neutral: Cas, God of Spite
  • Lawful Evil: Asmodeus, God of Tyranny (Slain at the Eye, 4:302)
  • Neutral Evil: Laogzed, God of All-Consuming Destruction
  • Chaotic Evil: Orcus, God of Undeath

== The Creators ==


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