The immortals of Mystara are formerly mortal beings who have risen to divinity through any of various means.  They are the most commonly worshipped deities among Mystara’s humans, and many members of other races worship the Immortals as well.  The people of the Diamond Throne see no inherent difference between an ascended mortal and any other sort of astral, though many hold those who earned their power in higher esteem than those born to it.

The most common theology in the Known World divides the Immortals into various Spheres, depending roughly on how they ascended to Immortality. The Immortals are here divided into those same Spheres for ease of reference.

Sphere of Energy

Sphere of Entropy

  • Cretia, Patron of Mischief and Schemes.

Sphere of Matter

Sphere of Thought

Sphere of Time


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