The Principality of Glantri

The Principality of Glantri is a powerful nation along the coast of the Known World, best known for its mages and spices.


Much of Glantri is rolling fields, former woodlands turned to farms and ranches. Its north coast has numerous islands, including the recently arrived Isle of Dread that apparently teleported to Glantrian waters from the Savage Coast. Numerous rivers from the high mountains of the Republic of Darokin feed water and good soil to Glantri’s farmers. Glantri shares borders with Thyatia, Aelfheim, and Darokin.

Government and Military

Glantri is a feudal magocracy, with all mages born in the land given status akin to minor nobles. While there is a hereditary King, the true power in the land lies in ‘’le Prince-Magicien’‘, the most powerful wizard in Glantri. This office is currently held by Monique d’Ambreville.

Most of the people of Glantri are serfs, tied to the land on which they were born. They live as farmers working land they do not own, or as tradesmen. All the produce of the land belongs to the lord, who pays a salary to his or her workers. The standard of living thus varies widely from fief to fief, with some lords paying quite well and others having their serfs live on very meager earnings. Only in Vyonnes is there an exception to this, though recently serfs across Glantri, claiming to be inspired by the Lightbearer, have begun to engage in actions to gain freedom and land of their own. Many lords have resorted to brutal methods to put down these small uprisings, though some have instead granted limited freedoms through negotiation. It is possible that the system of serfdom in Glantri may be seeing its last days.

Glantri’s standing military is small, consisting of knights and war mages provided by the eight Guilds of Magic in Glantri City. In moments of significant conflict, serfs are conscripted en masse to supplement the army. The last conscription was during the Fourth Alphatian War, and left fields in much of Glantri fallow.

Significant People

The d’Ambreville family is probably the most important of Glantri’s noble families. The lot of them have had their aging stopped through magic, and they have produced many archmages – in one generation alone, Etienne d’Ambreville and Henri d’Ambreville were born to the family, and their brother, Richard married another archmage in Isidore.

Luc de Vyonnes and Sabine are natives of Glantri, and Ghaliyah, while possibly not a native, is considered a national hero.

== Languages ==

The native tongue of Glantri is Sylaire. Most Glantrian merchants and nobles also speak Thyatian common, and the people of the Isle of Dread speak Dread.

The Principality of Glantri

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