Throne Warlock

Warlock Subclass – The Throne Warlock

The coming of the Hu-Charad to the Known World has shaken society to its foundations. The Giants hold the power to guard that which they treasure, and the people who they encounter admire – and sometimes worship – that power. The symbol of Giantish might is the Diamond Throne – the mystical artifact from which law and protection are granted to Mystara’s greatest empire.

The Throne Warlock gains the following features:

Proficiencies: The Throne warlock adds no new spells to the Warlock spell list. You are proficient with medium armor.

Resilient: At first level, you gain 2 hit points. At each level beyond first, you gain 1 additional hit point. When you roll Hit Dice to recover hit points during a rest, you regain 1 additional hit point per hit die.

The Throne Stands. Starting at 1st level, when you are reduced to 0 hit points, you immediately count as having made a successful death save. You need only 2 successful saves to stabilize, and 3 failed saves to die.

Sacrificial Blast. Starting at sixth level, when you hit a target with your eldritch blast, the target suffers disadvantage on attacks targeting anyone but you, and creatures other than yourself gain advantage on saving throws against damage-dealing effects created by the target.

Defend the Defenseless. Starting at level 10, after a short rest, you may choose one target. As long as that target can see you and is within 30 feet of you, whenever the target takes damage, it can choose to redirect half that damage to you. You cannot change the target of this ability or remove its effect until you take a short rest.

The Definitive Pact Starting at level 14, you may take on the ultimate defense. Your armor changes to a black diamond suit of heavy articulated plate. Your armor class becomes 19, you gain resistance to all damage, you gain the Extra Attack feature, and each melee attack deals an additional 1d8 damage. You lose the ability to cast spells while this ability is active. The Definitive Pact lasts 1 minute or until you lose your concentration (as concentrating on a spell), and when it ends, you immediately drop to 0 hit points and are stable.

Throne Warlock

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